Casting Souls

Trigger Warnings from click here. Goodreads blurb: Captain Briar Rose has traveled from one end of the Ohio and Erie Canal to the other, searching for answers. Some she found, while others remain frustratingly elusive, but she doesn’t have time to continue the search. Ferromancers are gathering in her hometown, anxious to hear her… Continue reading Casting Souls


                 I almost think I like this one better than the rest of the Iron Souls series. I love it, and really want to give it 5 stars. Not that there’s anything wrong with the rest, but something about this book makes me feel happy. We have more answers to nagging questions, we see… Continue reading Corroded

Heart of Iron

                 Book 3 is just as good as the rest of the Iron Souls series, without the over-explanation that the second book had. And I would still venture to say that the love story is sweet and slow, although one particular scene reminds the reader that Grayson has a little bit of naughtiness to… Continue reading Heart of Iron

Soul Singer

               Still love the story, and still anxious to finish the series. I’m loving the cuteness of this love story… I can’t think of any other steampunk fantasy romance that featured characters holding hands. It’s cute, but it’s also real. Not all relationships are frantic kissing and all-consuming fire.                 There was over-explanation in the… Continue reading Soul Singer


                Ferromancer by Becca Andre was actually really good. The book was next in line on my list of mass free Walmart ebook purchases, and following the previous read Beneath the Canyons, I was a little skeptical. No need for hesitation, though. This book is well written with interesting characters and a plausible storyline. The… Continue reading Ferromancer