The Will and the Wilds

Back to my Charlie N. Holmberg series: The Will and the Wilds is the last of her novels that I've finished. There are a few more to go, which I'm sure I'll get to soon! I knew after finishing Followed By Frost(several times) that I needed to read more of Charlie N. Holmberg’s work. At… Continue reading The Will and the Wilds

Followed by Frost

The reason I didn’t originally buy Followed By Frost was the cover art. The book had great reviews, and at the time I bought it the cost was $1.99. I just thought the cover art was a little chintzy. So I avoided this novel until I had almost nothing else to buy. What a mistake.… Continue reading Followed by Frost

Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet

  The first thought that struck me with Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet is “This is bizarre.” I even said it out loud to my husband. The night I started reading it, I stayed up late trying to reach a point in the book that I felt established enough in the storyline that I could fall… Continue reading Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet