A Court of Wings and Ruin

Goodreads Blurb FEYRE WILL BRING VENGEANCE. She has left the Night Court - and her High Lord - and is playing a deadly game of deceit. In the Spring Court, Tamlin is making deals with the invading king threatening to bring Prythian to its knees, and Feyre is determined to uncover his plans. But to… Continue reading A Court of Wings and Ruin

The Blacksmith Queen

No one could ever accuse G.A. Aiken of being long-winded. This author drops you right into a fight in a fantasy world and expects you to find your own way out, no explanations or backstories provided. I love it because over-describing is one of the greatest faults in fantasy in my opinion. It is a… Continue reading The Blacksmith Queen

Forever Wilde

                I hit a major snag in the middle of this book, and I’m not sure if it was because of me or the writing. Mainly because I don’t have any qualms with the writing. I mean, if nothing’s wrong with the book why did I hit a wall in the middle and have to… Continue reading Forever Wilde

Soul Singer

               Still love the story, and still anxious to finish the series. I’m loving the cuteness of this love story… I can’t think of any other steampunk fantasy romance that featured characters holding hands. It’s cute, but it’s also real. Not all relationships are frantic kissing and all-consuming fire.                 There was over-explanation in the… Continue reading Soul Singer


               Somehow I finally got the purchasing on the Walmart ebooks app to work, and was able to use the $5 credit on my first purchase. I opted to use it to buy something mainstream (and therefore expensive) that I wouldn’t normally be able to afford. I picked Fire by Kristin Cashore; I loved Graceling,… Continue reading Fire