Parental Guidance

Parental Guidance (A Hot Hockey Romantic Comedy) (Ice Knights Book 1) by [Avery Flynn]

Goodreads Blurb:

It wasn’t me.
It was my team.
But as almost co-captain I raised my hand to fix it.
Never imagined they’d arrange a PR stunt to make me look like Mr. Right to someone my mom picks out on some new dating app.
Then my salvation walks into the restaurant.
Zara Ambrose.
The five-foot-nothing redhead with more freckles than inches that I convinced to go on five dates with me for all the world to see.
She’s got her own reasons for our set up–and her own rules.
But somewhere between the couples’ obstacle course, wrestling matches with her Great Dane, and fights over mashed potatoes, Zara went from means-to-an-end to something so much more.
What happens when you start to fall for the one girl you can’t have…on live TV? 

My Review: 4/5

Ok, this was super cute. And hot.

This was my first hockey romance, which I didn’t realize was a thing. But it is. I should have known better because there’s just about every flavor of romance book out there, but I’m still a little new to the romance genre so I’m still learning these things.

Contemporary isn’t usually my thing, and I thought I was going to have to put it down in the first chapter because, well, it’s contemporary. So it has contemporary things like cell phones and dating apps instead of swords and werewolves.

I stuck it out though, and I’m glad I did. The romance was quality stuff. I finished the book in one day, something I haven’t done in a long time. And I promptly requested the second one from Libby.

I highly recommend it.

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