Wilde Card

                I honestly think I like this sequel better than the first novel, Getting Wilde. The story is still just as interesting, and this installment does not have the awkward ending that the first novel did. A much more complete story, that’s for sure.                                 In Wilde Card, Jenn Stark continues Sara’s crusade to… Continue reading Wilde Card

Getting Wilde

                 Getting Wilde by Jenn Stark impressed me from the start with interesting characters and a unique plot. Another freebie that I downloaded from Walmart ebooks, I was intrigued by the cover and the mention of Tarot decks. I’m not a Tarot devotee, but it’s not something I… Continue reading Getting Wilde


                Ferromancer by Becca Andre was actually really good. The book was next in line on my list of mass free Walmart ebook purchases, and following the previous read Beneath the Canyons, I was a little skeptical. No need for hesitation, though. This book is well written with interesting characters and a plausible storyline. The… Continue reading Ferromancer